Is it time for your child to wax their underarms?! At BBB there’s a permanent special “14 years and under” price for underarm waxing. 

In a gentle environment with a non talc “talc” used, and organic beeswax from Grampians bees ? ☺️

Clients ask about IPL/Laser on underarms for this age too and while they’re hormones have started (even if they don’t have their period) .. it’s a great treatment to do (even if it’s just to weaken the hairs down a LOT ? ..because the hair can be so “angry” and on “charge” it makes it harder to even wax, gets distressing for the child and the saintly mum who’s trying to remove the hair of a teenager! The smoothness of the skin is glorious and absolutely worth it and as the hair grows out it’s much easier to wax, hurts a lot less as it’s like the hair is coming out of butter.. literally. You can do a maintenance IPL a few a year.. depending on how their growth is. 

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