The Power Brow is the latest trending in beauty! Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson, Lily Collins, and Rita Ora have are all way ahead of the pack with their well defined brows in shape and in colour.

The Power Brow is a more striking eyebrow that means business. It’s a beauty statement.


The Power Brow starts in the arch, if there is a perfect arch in place then it all stems from there. The arch can be more of a peaking-arch or a softer rounded arch but it must be defined. Then the start of the brow can be put in – the 2 brows should not be too far apart, and then the ends are put in too. A nice tapered end. Power Brows do not have to be too manicured, but they can be it depends from person to person.

A brow that starts too late and ends too early is definitely not a power brow, and can often look less elegant anyway.

Call Bare Bella 0425765971 to talk to our very experienced therapist (all over 20 years exp) about booking a eyebrow shape which may include brow defining with waxing and/or tinting.

We shape with waxing and plucking and define with tinting or just penciling in or the new hybrid Dye!! We also have lots of brow tools by Inika organic to equipped you to achieve the perfect power brow yourself at home.

Bronsun hybrid dye

Bronsun hybrid dye