? While peels and skin needling treatments are great in the right hands and AHA’s and retinol ingredients are also great, overuse can cause extra problems, the absolute ULTIMATE number one skin tip I can recommend (apart from SPF) is HYDRATION!
? Keeping the skin hydrated topically with cosmeceutical products and internally with a hydrating food and water and supplements is key for gorgeous healthy skin.

? Hydrated skin will be less lines, less sensitive, less acne prone and less dry.

? Hydrating is the most important thing even for oily skin.

? And you can never get enough hydration

? Opt for SKINSTITUT’S Hyaluronic Serum, Multi Active Mist and Enzymatic Micro Peel.
If you are on the Sensitive side, adding the Niacinamide Serum in AM and PM (over the top of any serum) will help to strengthen your skin barrier.