Now I know it’s a brazilian wax and so it’s hard to say it is an easy wax.. But!! It can be a more gentle wax experience than you might think… and this is generally down to the therapist and the education of your pre and post waxing care.

At Bare Bella I have 20 years experience and so I know the tricks to making it a waxing experience you will not forget – in a good way! 😉

The use of organic beeswax i used. I like to enlighten my clients on areas that are hormonal (like the area going up towards the belly button) where we would recommend an alternative solution like plucking until they can do a more permanent solution that will not stimulate the hair like waxing can do. General bikini or brazilian area is not hormonal though so it can actually die off over a long time of regular waxing (as long as the hair is not becoming ingrown). The picture here is actually a before and after bikini with IPL hair removal of you’re after a more permanent hair removal solution.