There are a lot of ways to rejuvenate the skin these days, one particular method is getting a lot of coverage, skin needling. It’s particularly popular as it’s quite pain free with big results! The treatment can be performed every 6-8 weeks and you can do anywhere from 1 for a general skin pick me up to more for scarring. If scarring is what you ware wanting to treat it’s worth investing in around 8-10 treatment depending on the severity of the scarring. Pigmentation can minimise in as little as 4 treatments. It’s ofcourse important to put zinc on daily for pigmentation and of it is hormonal pigmentation know it can be very tricky.
Pre and post care is a definite! If treating pigmentation using a melatonin blocker like Skinstitut’s Even Blend and Vitamin C powder.
Speak with Bare Bella to see what is ideal for your concerns.