Skin needling otherwise known as Collagen Induction Therapy is so great, i particularly love it because I don’t have a high pain threshold. You hardly feel it even without numbing cream, though we do use numbing cream.

You may want to have a series of Skin needling sessions.. they are 6-8 weeks apart. The first session starts off not as deep so downtime is minimal.. meaning skin will be good in a few days.. and then we can work up to deeper! When we go deeper generally clients look great day 3.
The rejuvenation is amazing at making the skin work for itself, the skin has an “injury” so works at creating fibroblasts to boost collagen and elastin! It’s creating baby collagen which continually matures forever! Which is exactly what you want!
Skincare wise other than aftercare which is very minimal, using a retinol serum is ideal as that helps to shift skin a lot faster than it is doing now. I generally recommend alternating retinol with Enymes. The retinol is like fertilizer and the enzymes are like the rake with the dead leaves up the top!

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How much is Skin Needling?