You might have age spots, freckles, or other discolouration you want to reduce. Or maybe you want to improve the appearance of acne scarring or large pores. If you just want a polish-up, we get that too. Our effective Cosmetic Grade Peels help repair and polish your skin with just one visit.

Our professional Cosmetic Grade Peels are a clinical treatment that applies a safe chemical solution to the skin’s surface. The peel penetrates into the layers of the skin and target cells that cause can treat a number of skin concerns including sun damage and aging, acne scarring, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture, redness, and rosacea, fine lines, and wrinkles.


The Calm & Hydrate Peel is a micro-exfoliating treatment designed to gently exfoliate, soothe and hydrate dry, flaking skin. It uses fruit enzymes to remove dead skin cells by breaking down the keratin formed in the upper layers of the skin. Partner this peel with our Hydrojelly™ Mask Duos to instantly cool and soothe skin.


The Clear & Bright Peel is a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) which chemically exfoliates and resurfaces the skin’s upper layer. The Alpha Hydroxy Acids present such as Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid helps accelerate the skin’s cell turnover rate to reduce hyperpigmentation and improve skin texture. Beta Hydroxy Acids such as Mandelic Acid help reduce oil production and acne present on the skin.


We recommend adding on LED to enhance the skin, heal and soothe.

The Anti-Ageing Peel (also known as the retinoic-acid peel) is a medium superficial peel that contains Retinol which penetrates deep into the dermis layer of the skin to help neutralize free radicals and improves collagen production. This is an anti-ageing treatment that helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can be used to treat stubborn acne and scarring.