Plucking or waxing hormonal can stimulate hairs and make them stronger. Plucking or waxing terminal can make them weaker. 

As you know sometimes eyebrow hair will not grow back if taken out, (great treatment for this is eyebrow henna) same for legs, bikini and underarms – the more you wax all year long (as long as there’s no ingrowns) the hair will diminish. So keep it up over Winter! 

If it’s not due becoming weaker due to ingrowns loofah or best bet is to do a more permanent solution. I do laser hair removal and / or electrolysis. 

Hormonal hair, we can use a combo of laser and electrolysis to kill it off. These hairs, if you’ve noticed you’re plucking more often and they’re getting thicker than you know they are getting stimulated .