A powerful serum to renew, repair and smooth skin, especially breakout-prone, prematurely aged and pigmented.

Retinol enhances the ability of SYN®-AKE (a synthetic Peptide) to penetrate the skin, re-energising Collagen and Elastin production to smooth lines and wrinkles and improve skin’s firmness. Plant Extracts and Olive Oil target breakouts, acne scarring and pigmentation to leave skin soothed and supple.


Vitamin A

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that, once converted to Retinoic Acid, aids cell regeneration to renew and repair the skin, stimulating growth of skin-tightening fibroblasts and strengthening the extracellular matrix at the skin’s base layers.


Peptides provide concentrated antioxidant protection, guarding against free radicals to support Collagen production for firmer skin, boosted elasticity and skin-barrier resilience.

PROTIP: You can boost Retinol Serum’s results by adding a sprinkle of our Vitamin C 100% into it to amplify the brightening effect.