I ❤️ Retinol, but unfortunately when you are pregnant ? this is the one and only product that can’t be used?! Why?! Retinol is vitamin A which can actively correct damaged DNA.. this damage happens from oxidation via free radical damage.   

The fact that it can do this is why it will anti-age you! It will makes your cells turnover quicker so the skin we see looks fresher and brighter. But as it can change DNA it can have affect on the cells that are making a baby! This is why people who are are on roaccutane for acne can not become pregnant.. roaccutane is derived from vitamin A.

As always I also advise if you are using retinol to minimise acne, redness and/or pigmentation.. it is worth investigating the causes and looking at your insides and taking action to investigate intolerances (or things you may bloat from) and miniseries these, as well as stress and/or hormonal issues. This together with a good skincare external approach will ultimately be the best solution.