P I G M E N T A T I O N  & P R E G N A N C Y

(Or just pigmentation help in general)

It’s true to say this can be something that can occur, & while this sucks here’s some amo to prevent ? (p.s you don’t have to be pregnant to do these things, a lot of non pregnant but hormonal ppl, sooo all of us, can get pigmentation too.

It can be from good ol’ hormones, stress,  medications or oxiditive stress of course the big one (being outside in radiation) inflammation too ie from picking or even not picking ?, because the bastard hair growth is thick & etching at the cells, which is also hormonal, p.s if this is you, & you NEED to remove it start with plucking before you hit the wax, I’m a permanent hair removalist so that option is always there when we are out of lockdown.

Btw there are different types of pigmentation, for melasma, the below products are great but it is not advised to have any heat related treatments like IPL or some lasers. Skin Needling is fine. (& peels) The products below are something that is definitely good to use before doing any such treatments.

Best 3 Pigmentation preventions:

? Skinstitut Even Blend Serum – get into a tyrosinase inhibitors, tyro-what i hear you say? It is basically a blocker for melanin formation which is what eventually means more Pigmentation. It also has 5% glycolic which means you will have to up your hydrators whilst using.

? Skinstitut 100% Vitamin C Powder –  Topical Vitamin C will decrease melanin synthesis which is crucial. A natural skin brightener. It is also important for the formation of the skin barrier and collagen in the dermis so really great for everyone.

? Skinstitut Age Defence SPF, this goes on TOP of your serums (and moisturiser) if you have a problem with sunblocking daily, the way i got over this was swapping my moisturiser for SPF, then eventually i was moisturising and sunblocking. A good cosmeceutical SPF should be pressed on, start with a pea size blob it will help you use less & kinda grow to love it & use more.

#Niacinamide is the mother of all skin barrier ingredients

? Skinstitut’s Multi Active Mist which goes on before serums, plus it has HY-YA-LURONIC ?in it AND a decent amount!

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