Maybe you have had a lash perm back in the 90’s? Well forget that because this is not the same thing, not even the same ball park!
Lash Lift will enhance your lashes to look longer, curvier and fuller without using eyelash extensions. It is the new and very improved lash perm as the silicon pads are more comfortable and ensure a better result as it is a lot easier for the therapist. The glue is latex free which can be a problem for a lot of lash extension glues and the best thing, you don’t have to do it every 2-3 weeks. Lash Lift can last around 8 weeks, due to varying factors, results can be anywhere between 6-12 weeks. Clients are encouraged to arrive with no makeup and remove contact lenses.
Lash lift treatment includes a lash tint, the whole treatment takes 60 minutes, allow 75.