IPL is an amazing revolution in hair removal for the right type of hair. I use it extensively here at Bare Bella as it has certainly sped things up! However the amazing thing about working here is I can go the extra mile on hairs that are just not suitable for IPL.

Here’s why…

  • IPL on hormonal areas (face, breast and belly) will weaken the hair if it it thickened (due to hormones or plucking waxing etc) the hair after IPL will becomes fluffy but will develop again slowly but surely. (Depending on hormonal/stess changes – PCOS, endometriosis, pregnancy, pill, medication, undergoing high stress/grieving…) This fluffy hair is amazing and often clients will stick with the IPL as maintenance after their initial treatment until they are ready for electrolysis.
  • IPL on hormonal hair that is not thick will actually stimulate the hair more and is therefore not recommended.
  • Electrolysis will kill the fluffy hair completely. IPL is not required if it is fluffy to begin with. Even if it is dark/long – AKA annoying!
  • IPL on hair that is terminal (legs, underarm, bikini) will permanently kill off hair that is (1) dark enough and (2) in the right stage of growth so timing is everything. IPL will not kill all of the hair, the % of hair that returns depends on varying factors – if it is slightly too light, skin is darker, sweaty areas, hormonal influences, medication.. Electrolysis will kill any hair that comes through after the IPL sessions are finished.

So the moral of this story?!

  • IPL, thank goodness it’s here, because big areas are quicker and easier to kill off, however electrolysis is still required for some hair – and we even have multi-probe electrolysis for larger areas.
  • For smaller hormonal areas? Also thank goodness!! In the old days thick upper lip/chin hair was treated with electrolysis and the only way to maintain areas that had not been treated was with more waxing that was continually stimulating the hair, atleast IPL weakens it out off site for up to 6 weeks after the initial treatments. This IPL-ing means less electrolysis!
  • IPL on hormonal hair that is not too thick will not end good, it will stimulate the hair, so it is best to just start with electrolysis straight away.