IPL laser hair is a quick and easy 8 (on average) treatments in your life as opposed to dealing with hair for the rest of your life!!

It’s hard to imagine having no hair on your legs or bikini or underarms…

Hair removal is just a part of life right!? Wrong! In fact you could hair free by next Summer!

After 8 initial treatments, (some people do less) your hair will be minimised forever. Generally you may do a maintenance every 2-3 years. I have had some clients who have done the 8 treatments and I told them to wax the area every 8 weeks (as it grows a LOT slower) for 6 waxes and the left over fluff can even die!!

“Hair removal is just a part of life right!? Wrong!”

Why because leg, bikini and underarm is terminal hair, it has a life span and will eventually die, IPL laser hair is like 20 years of waxing and loofah-ing, it speeds it up!

Sound exciting!? Give us a call (0425765971) and book a complimentary consultation, where we go through the ins and outs and test patch the area to show you how easy it is! We are based in Balwyn north on Doncaster Road.