Such a sad state of affairs when laser places employees are told by their managers to turn the settings low to keep the customer coming back and back.. I’ve been told this twice now. Where is the integrity? I’m happy to say I love electrolysis but laser though not permanent on all hair, in the right circumstances it can do so well! And a good stepping stone to electro as it will make the hair fluffy (so less electrolysis).

Underarm with IPL Hair Removal

And as for body areas I generally say 8 treatments are perfect (maybe 8-10 if you have endo or PCOS – or it’s a hormonal section like the inner thigh that’s like the bikini line that ends at the knees ??) ..but once you’ve done the 8 you are done.. none of this maintenance stuff for 10 hairs.. and if the hair has not worked post 8 lasers, it’s either not dark enough or if it is still dark then it was not in anagen cycle (so timing was off).

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