Yes I found a Laser Aid in one of my customers fridge! This is “Everything-Aid” actually! ?Use on redness, wherever you have it. Anything you can do to reduce redness/trauma/inflammation outside-in (and inside-out too ?) helps reduce OTHER skin problems as a healthy skin functions better!

?The number one problem is acne. Pop this baby on as a 15-20 min mask and wash off with cool water! ? Or use as a thin moisturiser post wax, laser, IPL, small – extreme sun exposure or electrolysis to reduce follicular erythema and swelling even if it doesn’t look it, these methods do create a trauma. ? Think of the trauma your face faces, best eg is weather-Melb-cold-one-day-warm-the-next-with-cold-winds-heating-cooling.. playing sport is another one we gota do it, great for internal and circulation but it can create superficial redness!
Hence why this is a great product for most of us and ❄️ hence why the the fridge is the perfect spot when you consider the ingredients:
? Cucumber Oil ? being anti-itch, anti-inflam, anti everything that’s angry, and very moisture binding! On top of that it contains amino acids which strengthens the skin at the forefront, a kinda fortification ? battling against things that cause problems like a) bacteria that creates pimples and b) free radicals run havoc on healthy skin which means more aging, skin breakdown/acne breakout ? ?Canadian Willow Herb ?
again with the anti’s AND antimicrobial! Also searches out free radicals and destroys! Bahahaha! Really important for weakened or red skins! Redness can also a side effect of acne and aging if this is on your genetic make up. ? Witch Hazel Extract – a botanical extract, so soothing and the anti of all anti’s. Us Aussies know how antibac this can be! Less bac less problems! Goodbye bacteria! ? Aloe Vera Gel soothes, calms and nourish sensitive, inflamed skin, it’s like a meditation for the skin to settle the heck down.
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Can I use Laser Aid for anything other than laser treatments?