When it comes to Electrolysis hair removal, I dont like to beat around the bush with this question, it is the most asked and feared question but the reality is I’ve done my lip, bikini and underarms so I know it is bearable!  (yeah laser hair removal only just slightly softened mine as I’m a redhead)  Some people, well quite a lot of my clients actually fall asleep! Even one client who gave me the impression she would be terrible, yep she falls asleep! Saying that there are people aren’t as good with pain so the varying pain threshold is astounding! But even clients who are not good with pain will be ok, generally with a lower current and even some listen to music in their headphones or something. I tell all clients to come in relaxed, no caffeine beforehand (chocolate, coffee, tea even?). If it is that time of the month, account for that and come in expecting it, often when we build it up in our heads, it’s way better though right? All in all you’ll live and love to tell the tale! Come in and talk to me about your queries, i love this treatment and would love to have you in my shop!

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