Have you ever noticed you’re eating your regular diet and if you happen to do a little mini detox and then go back to your regular diet you notice things!? What have you noticed?

You can read your body in other words.

When the body is fueled consistently of refined sugars and carbohydrates or alcohol so in other words there are no lengthy periods without them which is unfortunately the average human (and often animals too I’m afraid), the body is always working. The hardest thing your body is doing probably right now is breaking down food.

Apart from the obvious of baby steps; less and less of the stuff mentioned, have you every tried intimittent fasting? This literally says to your body, right break down that last meal and then, hey you got free time to do whatever you want! Often your body will choose healing.

Try this, eat your last meal at 4ish and eat the next day say 8am (or maybe bit later) and one better, if you can before you eat your next meal sit down in a really comfortable position and close your eyes and feel any sensations within the whole of your body. As time goes on you will find the body will feel different things and you will get a sense of what is working and what is not. These baby steps are giant steps for body.