With electrolysis hair removal, there may be more hair than a client is able to sit for, i.e. there is more hair than is able to be treated in one session, or there are hairs underneath the skin that have not grown through yet.

However, the way electrolysis works is, if there is a little collection then we may be able to remove ALL this hair in one appointment!
Do we need to do more than one treatment?
Hair needs to be treated more than once for it to die (2-4 treatments, more if on a very low current) and it must be treated consecutively, 6-7 weeks apart.

You can treat hair 20 times once a year and it may not die, why? Because its not in the anagen stage of growth. This stage (4weeks after a wax or 6 weeks after electrolysis) the follicle is very juicy and we turn all that juice into sodium hydroxide which detaches the hair. No juicy follicle means its not worth treating! Or at least it will not be dead, you may not notice it is gone for a few months but it is not dead and will develop again with any hormonal changes or stress changes.

There are hairs that may die in one treatments though, the hair that is fluffy and a relatively good current, the hair will die in one go. ūüôā

When the hair is all seemingly dead, we would get the client in 12 weeks later and see if there really is nothing left. This will give time for even the most weakened hair that is hormonal, time for it to sprout. Under the magi light I would see it, and knock it off dead in one shot! The way i treat this fluff so i know it will definitely not come back EVER, is low current in for a long time. Can never under estimate a hormonal hair, even when it’s fluffy.

Come in for a free consult! It’s my favourite treatment to do! So let me take care of you and kill those stubborn hairs for GOOD!