Firstly we apply a botanical serum to the skin, this allows the pen to easily glide over the product but more importantly infuse (mesotherapy) the specially formulated botanicals and vitamins straight into the dermis including botanical vitamin A.

We run the Fractional Mesotherapy pen over the skin, firstly upwards strokes, then across ways then we use an ‘erasing’ technique for any stubborn areas you would like to work on, like pigmentation, lines or scarring or stretch marks. It is extremely quick and easy for the client and therapist. It can get into intricate areas, for example the nostril for minimising pores or under the breast for scars post breast surgery or dark circles very close to the eyes as opposed to laser rejuv which can’t get in that close to the eyes.






The speed and efficiency makes the treatment feel so tolerable, with little down time.

The actual devise technically can deliver a high calibre micro needling. The control of anywhere from  0.1mm to 2mm and there are different speeds to adjust the amount of micro punctures. Customers report less downtime than other skin needling despite being more effective. Customers report a basically no pain. Despite the word needles there is no pain involved. The numbing cream is super effective, if anything there may (often not) be slightly stingy on the boney areas like forehead though most people find it’s nothing.

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