Fractional Mesotherapy


Fractional Mesotherapy goes beyond just that traditional Collagen Induction Therapy.

We are not only causing micro channels on the skin (like collagen induction therapy or dermal rolling), we are also introducing vitamins, minerals, humectants and peptides. When we assist with the delivery of these ingredients down into the epidermis and dermis, the healing time mean less downtime. The redness that occurs is normal, part of the wound healing process, but the down time is minimal.

The punctures that its creating are so fast, so there is actually a lot more wound healing response than dermal rolling and derma pens. Also the vibration of the pen actually numbs your sensory nerves. It tricks the sensory nerves, like “oh I can feel something but it’s okay”’s not a pain feeling. For this reason you can actually can have the treatment with or without a numbing cream application, for those who don’t like the feeling of numbing cream, allergic, or are breast feeding.

The pen is the first in the world of wireless technology, with fine medical grade needles the vibration of the pen is not by accident, it has a specific purpose too,  it activates the correct nerves to shut down those particular pain receptors.