How do YOU manage to pull off being Bare and Bella?! Me, half the time it can be last nights mascara, truth ? therapists are notorious for doing very little but when they do it they go big, their skin has built up resistance and resilience so they can do this (you wouldn’t go in hard if you hadn’t done it before) we have all the products at home as we need to know what they are like so we trial just that product for weeks, BUT where they differ again, is the in salon treatments, when they do it they go big and VARY it, keep the skin guessing Peels, Skin Needling, IPL Laser Rejuvenation… which is exactly why their skin is good! I’m a big believer of this for my customers, varying in-salon treatments! When it comes to at home skincare, I love nothing better than building up the skins resilience to EVERTHING, and then you can really have fun, Retinol morning and night.. for 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off for example and the alternating 3 weeks, crank the vitamin c.. the skin will thank you for it and once it’s gotten used to that, move to something else.. SPF is a must and a decent mineral ? it’s not a quick process, if you want the results quickly it’s just not how it works.. and it’s not ever just a bottle of moisturizer, it’s also about keeping the insides guessing.. always changing up our wellness protocol. 

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