Yup I’ve kinda seen it all, it’s like it’s the norm for me to see hair in ??‍♀️ areas… 

This actually happened: Once i had a customer back in my old digs in Templestowe… who literally said to me “what (!) clients have hair on their lip??”  

……Like lip, it’s not the most uncommon of places anyway…..

Her tone too… you can only imagine.. and once we got to talking and realised she didn’t have ANY weird hormonal hair… I turned around to her and said “You’re the abnormal one” ? 

In my world that’s all I see all day so it was literally the first thing that came outa my gob ???‍♀️ because it was the truth.. I mean who doesn’t?! 

It’s pretty ? but at least their is an answer these days! I combine laser and electro for those crazy hormonal or non-hormonal-but-just-weirdly-growing-things you want gone.. yes I even actually got rid of this 1cm white hair on someone’s nose recently