Summer is heating up, and hair removal is an ideal way of staying cool! Here at BBB we have several hair removal options to suit your needs, all of which are much less work than shaving:

– IPL hair removal is a permanent hair reduction over an area, with the amount of hair that dies being dependent on pigmentation and hormones. Hair won’t be visible for the duration of the process, and afterwards only light hair will come out.

Most clients go through a process of 8 treatments and finish feeling and looking better. This is a good treatment for anyone who has ingrown hair or rough skin.

– Waxing is a non-permanent process, though it does last longer than shaving and over many treatments it can result in less hair in time on areas like legs, bikini and underarm, when the skin is exfoliated and smooth. Variations on the usual process can be used as a solution for those with ingrown hair. Waxing professionally it is a lot less painful and you don’t have to deal with any of the mess.

– Electrolysis can be used for permanent hair removal for those who are dealing with hair that is a nuisance to remove over and over by other means, particularly hair that is getting stronger over time or light hairs that remain after laser hair removal. Common hormonal areas are chin, neck, lip, sideburns, belly, breasts. Extended bikini/ inner thigh and back of thigh can become hormonal past the age of 30

From consult to finish. This after photo is months after her last treatment.

Be the coolest thing in Summer! Call for a consult to remove unwanted hair. 0425765971

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