Antioxidants come from our food, the vitamins within the food for example. They can also come from topical products we apply to our skin. For example goji berries or green tea or all vitamins in products are sources of antioxidants.

Antioxidants fight against free radicals. Free radicals break down the skin, age our skin and also stop it from functioning so things like pigmentation, acne and redness may happen more. Examples of free radicals are pollution, fumes.. cigarette smoke being one of those worst
In Australia free radicals will breakdown and destroy the skin arguably just as much as sun will! So we really need a high amount of antioxidant-rich products and foods and continuous physical SPF in order to protect our skin cells.
Apart from having an intake of antioxidant rich products, (like Skinstitut Retinol Serum, Rejuvenate 15 Serum, Vitamin C powder ( especially if you’re a smoker), eat all colours of the rainbow with your fruit and especially veg. Jumping under the LED corrects your cells.. this happens because the light from LED gives energy to the Mitochondria of your cells! The power plant in the cell.. ultimately this helps the cell funtion perfectly!
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