Here’s some tips for these 3 essential oils:

Peppermint: – Take a drop or 2 in water for an upset tummy

– Apply a few drops to the back of your neck to cool off post workout – Gargle in water for a mouth wash

– Repel bugs! – Diffuse for alertness for studying – Soothing for a migraine 

Lemon – 1-2 drops to remove sticky things like gum, sticker residue or crayons

– Add to microfiber cloth to clean your phone especially if experiencing acne

– Add a drop (or more depending on how much water) in warm water to drink in the morning, preferably 1/2 – 1L of water a half hour before you eat. 

Lavender – Rub 2 drops onto the souls of your feet pre bed

– Add 1-2 drops to your moisture to calm skin irritation.

– Take internally in water to reduce anxiety – Add to a spray bottle to freshen car, mattress, drawers and cupboards.

– Add 1-2 drops to your pillow to sleep 

P.s thanks to @waynezaccaria who met a Doterra rep who gave him a freebie to give to me ??☺️ as you told them I use them heaps.. .