Electrolysis works every time, if you want to kill your excess hair for good no matter what your hormones are doing then come to Bare Bella #electrolysis #skills I also offer IPL hair removal too.
Electrolysis works by killing off the hair via a fine wire probe inserted into the follicle, a current is used. That hair needs to be treated 3-4 x in order to be dead.. sometimes less if the hair is weak. It also depends on the current, but low or high current the hair will still die.

For the best & quickest results, hair should be treated again in the anagen stage, no later. This is 5-6 weeks later if treated with galvanic current or 4-5 weeks later if treated with heat. This is good news for the customer because this timing is when the hair is new and short and not too visible to the naked eye, I say this because some people don’t like the idea of letting the hair grow for treatment.. with my magnification I can see it at 1mm long!

If hair is not treated in this window of opportunity then it will still die though may just take a bit longer.

The lesson is the hair you treat needs to be treated again when the hair is brand new because it’s a newer “juicier” follicle and it’s all about killing it when it is in this juicy cycle. It’s the moisture we are targeting. You know how sometimes you pluck a hair and you see a bulb? That’s what I’m talking about, sometimes you pluck and there’s nothing, that’s and older dryer follicle.

Also some clients do more than one cycle as o say fortnightly for 3 cycles in 6 weeks or some come for 2 cycles.. some even weekly. It depends on how much fair and how fast you want it gone. But if we get ALL the hairs in 1 treatment then you will return in 5-6 weeks only.