I hear it all the time, I should have started this a long time ago! The good thing these days is we have IPL or laser and electrolysis now! Trouble is not a lot of salons have both. ? I have clients coming in saying that their treatment didn’t work or they used low currents. This isn’t good for laser.
Thing is with laser you should go as high as you can (considering skin colour of course). Reason being is if you go low you could weaken hair and then it won’t work in the future. It’s like constantly slapping a guy in the ring rather than one big knockout punch. But with electrolysis you can go lower and you will still kill the hair. You just need to stay in the follicle a bit longer. Doesn’t matter hair will still die.
combo of IPL or laser and electrolysis is good too… that is up to your electrologist.

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