Electrolysis has been around since 1875, it really is still the only proven method of permanent hair removal today. Removing those hormonal, dark, strong, fluffy or white hairs is easy with electrolysis. The way it works is we insert of a fine probe into the open hair follicle so there is no piercing and then we apply a current, this is adjusted to pain threshold or hair type and area. The current is generally what the client feels not the insertion of the probe. I have treated clients on low and high currents, either way the hair will die, the lower current means the hair will need to be treated more than a higher current. Electrolysis at Bare Bella is done with either galvanic current or thermolysis (heat) or both. Contraindication of galvanic is big metal within the body or pregnancy or pacemaker. If this is you, no stress we can treat with thermolysis method!

I would retreat the hair 5-6 weeks later. As you know if you pluck you will see the hair a lot sooner. With electrolysis, the hair is maimed and so grows slower and weaker each time it regrows, eventually it won’t grow at all! ūüôā Hair can take from 1-4 treatments, this depends on how high the current is and how strong the hair is.

The success of electrolysis depends on treating the same hair at 6 weeks intervals, treating longer means the follicle will be back to a dry stage of growth. Galvanic current or thermolysis works better with a moist follicle. (You can treat in between 6 weekly to treat separate growths – for example I myself did 3 weekly 25 mins on my lip edges – this is 50 mins worth of hair broken up into 2 growths, incidentally I have PCOS, hair could not be weakened with IPL or laser hair removal as I am a redhead. )