People have this idea of electrolysis and often it can be a painful one or often that’s it’s ultimately the most permanent hair removal!

Firstly electrolysis does not have to be painful, there are ways to tools to help this, the current for starters can be lowered to your tolerance level, I tell clients to do what makes them relaxed, some breathe, some listen to music, some actually go to sleep! So you see it’s not actually how it seems. Some clients are less tolerable and take pain killers before coming in or less stimulation before hand like coffee. Whatever that makes you more calm and relaxed.

Also to say laser hair removal is not permanent is not quite the whole truth. I use laser hair removal in conjunction, a stepping stone to weaken tough hair that is hormonal (or not) and then kill with electrolysis which will kill a hair for good! If you’ve had electrolysis by an electrologist and it didn’t do this? Then it was not done correctly! Often the hair treated by electrolysis is face or white hairs because laser is quicker for larger areas.. even face! In which case laser will actually kill the hair, though it is not deemed permanent, this is because the hair needs a few things for this. I have treated plenty of clients where the hair was killed with laser or IPL hair removal. Dark hair that is not hormonal and in the right hair growth cycle will die with laser hair removal or IPL hair removal. Being an electrologist I know hair growth cycles. When I treat this is what I look at constantly, even when I’m waxing! Clients will tell you I often wax and look at the hair bulbs (anagen cycle, or lack of bulb in the case of telegen cycle).

The hair needs more than one treatment as does electrolysis for the required result. Generally speaking laser hair removal or IPL hair removal needs 8 treatments for legs, bikini and underarm and arms. Electrolysis needs different, 1 if it’s little and weak, but up to 4. Timing for both is crucial, I’ve seen bad results due to incorrect timing.