Excess hair growth on the face sucks so let’s find out what makes it worse or better.

Hair removal is crazy these days, there’s threading, derma planing, laser, electrolysis, waxing.
The simple way to figure out if a method may be stimulating the growth, is are you triggering the follicle?
Waxing, threading and plucking are the only methods where you may stimulate because by doing so you stimulate blood to the area and therefore more growth can happen over time.. this will also depend on what your hormones are doing.
Derma planing even though it may feel tougher as it grows out, actually does NOT stimulate the hair as you are just cutting the hair mid-growth.
I get a lot of mums worrying about this method.
Once you stop doing this treatment the hairs will eventually fall out and replace themselves as regular hairS.
If hair seems to be getting thicker, it would be your own hormones and genetics that are causing this not using a blade.
It’s a VERY good idea to get a test patch. I don’t do this treatment in my salon but probably about half the clients I know who’ve had this treatment have broken out or reacted with a “chicken skin” look unfortunately.
The main thing with derma planing is if your hair is absolute fluff you won’t notice as it grows back. If you have a “down” or tough hairs the hair will probably feel like felt material or stubbly which is why you do need to keep it up fairly regularly.
Electrolysis does not stimulate hair. It weakens growth over several treatments until it is dead for good.
IPL or Laser can stimulate hair if it is not that tough to begin with.
However if it is tough & black, IPL or laser will diminish growth over time.  Make sure you get a treat patch for this treatment.