Evaporated water out of the skin (deeper layer -> outside skin) so you have less hydration ?

(TransEpidermal Water Loss)

TEWL is to do with evaporation of water (it’s an easy way to look at it) but let’s def look deeper.

This is the process where by water will travel out of the skin. That water that is getting out and not staying in there. Outside irritants on the skin barrier create a dire straights outcome whereby water is evaporated out of the skin more easily. 

Think of the barrier like a fortification, it can let in what it wants like vitamins and antioxidants, and is able to fight free radical damage and bacteria and UV damage. When water content is low, the skin becomes dehydrated and in turn creates a hostile environment. This may create pigmentation or more sagging, and creating more lines more quickly, also the dead skin will create more sluggish skin which may create pimples. This is because an impaired barrier can not fight against UV exposure or free radicals coming in. 

How do we stop this?

Vaseline ..(but Vaseline is “poo”? , it’ll stop water getting out – but won’t benefit the skin by letting anything in)

So pick something like Vaseline that helps the skin!

  • Multi Active Mist AM and PM,  you can not overdose enough on this, it has a high amount of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), which creates a strong healthy hydrated skin barrier fortification, your skin can never have enough Vitamin B3!
  • Enzyme Micro is the ultimate to do every 2nd night! It will hydrate with hyaluronic acid and nourish with shea butter whilst chomping up dead skin. You would use this instead of moisturiser and leave on overnight.
  • Multi- Active Oil $49 – has essential fatty acids which covers cells in lipids (oils)
  • Repair Balm $49 – more like a vaseline feel and contains copper to cool skin. (Can not mix pure vitamin C in.)
  • Nourishing moisturiser – if it doesn’t fit the bill you could be “un-moisturised”.  Make sure it is correct.