Milia are for me the most fun to remove, I live for removing these guys!

So how and what are they?!

Milia’s are those teeny white lumps on the skin mostly (but not always) around the the eyes, they are not a whitehead that will ooze, but rather, once extracted you see they can hold their shape like a ball bearing of oil/dead skin.

They are actually the result of a build up of keratin.

Factors that makes them worse:

?‍♀️Sluggish skin

?‍♀️Occlusive thick creams


What to do about them:

?‍♀️Upping your EFA’s internally and topically

?‍♀️Book in for a facial where not only we can extract them, we can get you onto a great routine if you’re not already, that will pack a punch on your skin!