• LED stimulates a biological response and encourages cells to function properly. Unlike other laser procedures, LED is not ablative or thermal, but has a photochemical effect, comparable to photosynthesis in plants whereby the light is absorbed and exerts a chemical change.

    LED activates ATP  which is like recharging your cells batteries.
    ATP is your body’s main source of cellular fuel, constantly being utilised by the body and the brain needs enough of it to function properly.

    Proper mitochondrial function and ATP production is critical for every cellular function.

    LED has been shown to:
    Increase neurogenesis and nerve growth factor.
    Reduces inflammation
    Decrease free radical and oxidative stress in brain
    Increase blood flow and circulation, including within frontal cortex
    Reduce pain by increasing body’s opioids (natural pain reliever).
    Increase rate of oxygen consumption in frontal cortex.