☄️ Produces ozone to sterilize, fantastic for wound healing, extremely anti-bac!

☄️ Improves oil secretion, improve the pH value towards a neutral leaning

☄️ Accelerates blood flow & improve metabolism which feeds the skin it’s nutrients

☄️ Anti-aging function, tightening.

☄️ Calms the nerves & analgesic pain functions

?Amazing sterilization for breakouts, bumps, deep pimples, future breakouts because the energy can reach further into the skin. Think of it like a mini lightning bolt that only reeks awesomeness

? Stimulates blood circulation, skin which is dull and flat.

? Create an even and clean oil flow.

? Stimulates growth factors in the scalp and regulates sebaceous glands to create healthier hair growth.

Thanks to @advancedskinspaaus for the inspiration ? and @beauteindustrie for leading me to themIMG_8611