A facial is definitely the answer for relaxation, especially when the therapist knows when to shh! However, it can and should be about so much more than relaxation, while the relaxation is happening the treatment is doing an amazing skin rejuvenation and replenishing. It’s like having your hair blow waved by a hairdresser, you never get that results at home! Unfortunately… A facial is the same, you will walk out smooth and hydrated and glowing!

When you have a skin therapist who knows what they’re talking about! The “so much more” part is where we can establish a plan of attack to eliminate any concerns you have with your skin.

I really believe a multi faceted approach is best for any skin concern.

Through a consultation we can find out what you want to achieve, whether it’s pure indulgence or if you want to indeed, fix a skin concern. Whether you have allergy prone skin with eczema or rosacea, hormonal breakouts, or you want achieve some serious anti-aging! There are so many options with facials, peels, microdermabrasion, skin needling and IPL photo rejuvenation.

Bare Bella loves your skin and how it works, when we recommend a skincare routine, we mean business. We truly want to change your skin. Sometimes skin conditions are more internal and so we have very reputable professionals to refer onto if that be the case.

Otherwise it is all about knowing what ingredients are needed to change your skin. More importantly having products that have gone above and beyond. There are so many different cosmeceutical brands on the market today, but are they chirally corrected? Are they paraben free? Free of petrochemicals? Does your mineral make-up consist of just “mineral” and “SPF” and NO ounce of filler? Is the SPF chemical or physical? The list of questions is endless.

The relaxation?

We all know there is nothing better than being able to lay back, relax and enjoy a facial in a peaceful environment. I make every effort to ensure that you can do just that.  There are of course, moments during the treatment when we will talk to you, generally at the beginning of the treatment to establish exactly what you are after during your time with us, to explain the treatment routine and then also the during extractions. If you have any questions you can ask whenever you like or keep for the end of the facial.  If you are after PURE RELAXATION then just say the word, and we wont say another one…